Monday, October 18, 2010

Let’s Talk About The New Shooter Medal Of Honor

Let's Talk About Medal of HonorDanger close reboot of the Medal of Honor has started up a bit of controversy because the inclusion of the Taliban in the multiplayer. The Taliban in Medal of Honor has been renamed to Opposing Forces.
I suspect that most of us don’t care much about the developer’s mistakes, but just about the gameplay and graphics.
I have been playing the Medal Of Honor Beta for quite some time now. Today I’m going to be reviewing the positive and negatives of the Medal Of Honor Beta. This review is going to focus many on these counterparts content, the gameplay, and the positive and negatives of the game.
The gameplay is mostly focused on behind-enemy-lines intelligence gathering basically special missions. One of the things I noticed quickly was the destructible environments.
Because I was only playing the beta of the game I didn’t get to see the full content of the game. When the game is released I will update the section.
One of the positives I liked about the beta was the feel of the game. I really liked Battlefield Bad Company 2, because Medal of Honor is made around the Frost Bite Engine (Only On Multiplayer Section) the game looks and feels like Battlefield Bad Company 2. If you liked Battlefield Bad Company 2 you’ll feel right at home.
Because Medal Of Honor felt so much like Battlefield Bad Company 2 I felt that Medal Of Honor was just a mirror copy of Battlefield with new maps.
Basically I would buy the game, but that’s just me. For this review I hope you all come up with your own opinion.


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