Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Rule

I have decided for now on I believe that I should make the content for this site for now one. If you haven't been on my site then you can see all of the posts that has been linked to to IGN. I'm going to have "All Of Your Gaming History". I will have this once a month still deciding when though. This will be about a random game history that the viewers pick. I will post a article about the history of the game. As time goes on I will be making videos on "All Of Your History". I will not be posting about every game instead on important titles, or major game titles requested by the site viewer. Please leave comments about New Rules I should add. I'm thinking about adding content on Monday and Friday on every other week. Next Post 10/18/10 and 10/22/10 this is when the New Rule takes effect. If you want to be a game tester click here:


Anonymous said...

I voted for Uncharted 2

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