Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Movement For Sony (Ps3)

Hello, I know many of you know the new game Battlefield 3 is coming out. Also, many of you are enraged that we will only get 30fps and 720p for the ps3. So, this is what I'm proposing that we ask Sony to upgrade the ps3. Sony official said there is no need to upgrade the ps3, right? Then why not give us the option too. We pay Sony $150 dollars to upgrade us with a more recent Graphics Card. Sony in term wouldn't lose a dime because we give them the money in advance. They choose a more up-to-date graphic card. The processor is pretty powerful on its own all we need is some hardware improvements. Sony could give us an "admin only" update to insure the new drivers. People wih the older graphic's card gets 30fps and the people with newer 60fps. If this is impossible please tell me. But, if we do get a more upgraded Graphic's Card this would make way for better games. What do you guys think please leave a comment on facebook or on this post.

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A Gamer    

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Anonymous said...

i think that,that is true but they might want to make a new ps3 too

arya said...

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